How to create animated bicyclist model for OpenDS

Prepare the models

  • Import bike model Bicycle N011211.3ds model using importer 3D Studio in Blender.

  • Create a Human model using MakeHuman modeling tool. Export to .mhx format

  • Import human model.mhx to blender

  • Under default mode

    • Combine both bike and rider model together by placing the rider on the seat of the bike.

    • Create a two Armature bone structure corresponding two pedals to be able to move the pedals, which can be coupled so that human rider model can be moved.

  • Under animation mode

Pedaling animation

  • Create a starting pose of the biker by moving the bones of the human model

  • Save the key frame

  • Duplicate the starting pose to the end pose after 60 frames.

  • Along with the rider bone, move the armature bone attached to the pedals of the bike.

  • Make sure both the movement of the bones of rider and the armature start of pedaling stored in the same action editor and has the same name.

  • Similarly create in between key frame to make the animation of the bike pedaling action

Waiting action

  • Follow the same procedure to create a waiting animation by altering the rider bones and pedals.

  • For the waiting position, one leg of the rider is on the ground and other on the pedal.

  • Export the completed model using Orge3D .scene and .mesh format so it can be used to run in OpenDS

  • Care should be taken to create bone structure on the pedals. Without that pedaling action can’t be created.

  • Animation of both pedal and human model should be controlled by the same animation control.

  • After exporting check the .mesh file to correct the names of the human models cloths and other details.